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Saint Louis University is implementing multi-factor authentication to provide additional protection for your SLU accounts.

This enhanced login process combines the traditional SLU Net ID and password with another verification method. The second method of verification can be done with a text or call to a phone, or you may use an app on your mobile device or computer. This multi-factor authentication process is similar to what many banks and other online services are now using. To get started, follow the steps below.

Step 1:
Edit Your Contact Information

The first time you edit your contact information you will be prompted to verify your birthday (First time Only). You may enter up to three phone numbers to receive verification codes via text messages or voice calls.

Edit Contact Information

Detailed Instructions | Walkthrough Video

Step 2:
Install the App (Recommended)

In addition to text or phone calls, you can also setup an app on your computer or mobile device to verify your identity. All the apps will display a time-based code that rotates every 30 seconds and may be entered as part of the login process instead of a text message or voice message. Apps for Android and iOS will also offer the option of a push notification during login.

The SecureAuth OTPAuthenticate App is available for multiple platforms. Click on the icon below to download the version appropriate for this device. You may also find it by searching your app store for the SecureAuth or SecureAuth Authenticate app.

Note: You can install the app on multiple devices. Just open login2.slu.edu on that device.

Windows Phone
Windows PC
SLU Managed Windows PC
Mac OS X
Google Chrome

(Show All Apps)

Detailed Instructions for iOS | Android | Windows PC (Personal) | Windows PC (SLU Managed)
Walkthrough Video for iOS / Android | Windows PC (SLU Managed)

Next Steps

Once you have provided your contact information, you have completed the first phase of the implementation.

To try it out, go back to the Login2 SLU Portal to edit your information.

Try it Out!

In the next phase of the implementation, you will see this authentication system in use with applications such as Google Apps and mySLU. Additional information will be provided prior to the next phase. Detailed instructions and answers to FAQs can be found on the ITS website at

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